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DETOXSKIN is the only 100% natural product

for the waste absorption with aqua face wash skin care recovering

the damaged skin barrier function.

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Skin with





“ph4.5~6.5 Slight Acidity” skin acidity for healthy skin.


DETOXSKIN is a slight acid product just like the healthy skin that keeps the normal skin PH balance and maintains the slight-acid protective film of skin, adsorbing and removing only skin wastes(harmful materials) for the healthy skin.


  • PH4.5~6.5 skin protective film with slight acidity(slight acid sebum)

    · Prevention of dry skin and evaporation on the skin surface

    · Skin protection from a mold, yeast, and other germs

    · Better resilience of skin protein(collagen)

    · Skin protection from UV rays

    · The strongest and perfect structure of keratin protein, the main component of about

          ph 5 horny layer


  • If skin acidity is alkalized~

    · Damaged skin barrier_ The weakened horny layer is exposed to external germs and hazardous substances.

    · The dead skin cells of the skin become rough and the skin is thick.

    · Dry skin causes aging_ Wrinkles and lack of resilience

    · Reduced skin flexibility

Acidity of DETOXSKIN

Healthy skin with slight acidity

A red light of skin acidification

Rough skin despite the increased production of sebum, enlarged pores without resilience

A red light of skin alkalization

Atopy, pimple, rash, troubles, dead skin cell, dry, sensitive skin

DETOXSKIN doesn’t use any chemicals except water.


  • soap or cleaner removes useful skin resident flora along with malignant viruses.

  • Most of the baby products contain a lot of sterilization components (Specified ingredients: Ingredients highly likely to cause skin troubles) for babies who have a small number of skin resident flora.

  • Most of oil and surfactants destroy the protective film of the skin and irritates the skin.

  • Once the skin barrier collapses, the immune system gets dysfunctional and the skin gets dry and itchy like atopy.

  • Using alkali cleaning products to the skin with an abnormal skin barrier function like atopy will increase the ph level on the skin surface and aggravate the skin condition.

  • All surfactants melt protein, break the protective skin barrier, and destroy the structure, breaking into the deep area under the skin and having adverse influences on the human body.






Chemicals absorbed into skin- Danger of Dermal Toxicity.


  • Because there is almost no pain or stimulation, there is no awareness of the absorption of the chemicals through the skin.

  • The chemicals absorbed into the skin are hardly detoxified by natural metabolism unlike oral absorption.

    (90% of the poison in food we eat is discharged to the outside, while 90% of the dermal toxicity absorbed into the skin can be accumulated in the body.)

  • because it moves in the body along blood circulation and lymph circulation, there is a high risk of adverse influences in every corner of the body.

  • Ingredients of articles for daily use that turn into dermal toxicity have a great amount of endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. 

  • Since the articles for daily use are used repeatedly every day, the one small amount of hazardous substances for a use will be accumulated continuously in the body.

  • The skin into which the chemicals are easily absorbed is in order of a newborn baby>a young child>a senior>an adult.

  • As dermal toxicity can have an influence on the body from 10 to 20 years, more care is needed in case of a newborn baby.



Skin is the largest organ in the human body It has the skin barrier function that protects itself from external pollutants.


After restoration of skin barrier function with DETOXSKIN~


  • Skin moisturizes itself.​

    The self-moisturizing factor in the horny layer with amino acids and ceramides keeps moisture and blocks foreign substances of skin holding the moisture content inside, playing the role of a moisture layer to protect the skin from getting dry.

  • Skin metabolism becomes fast.

    If one dead skin cell falls off, the signal is delivered to the basal layer and one new cell is formed, which is the metabolism of skin. Because of this, the healthy skin is always supplied with new cells and can stay fresh.

  • Skin resident flora is normalized

    Skin resident flora lives on sebum and sweat and discharges acids keeping the skin slightly acid and protecting the skin against a mold, yeast, and other germs.


“Skin Barrier Function Restoration”

Self-defense mechanism of 0.02mm horny layer

Experience the amazing change

in your skin with DETOXSKIN aqua skin care.


Horny layer






Subcutaneous tissue



Ionic Combination

“Adsorption by ionic combination”

Scientific adsorption mechanism of hazardous substances


DETOXSKIN is the only natural cationoid that adheres to and removes anionoids(harmful materials like virus, heavy metal, and fine dust) that cause skin troubles by a scientific ionic combination and protects the skin safe.​

Ionic combination


Various hazardous substances like virus,heavy metal, fine dust, and waste

Silent killer,

enemy of skin in daily life “Absorption·Removal of Fine Dust”


Non-irritant and soft DETOXSKIN completely adheres to and removes harmful materials to maintain moist, resilient, and healthy skin.


  • Designated as the Category 1 carcinogen

        The large amount of hazardous substances like the heavy metal content such as lead and cadmium in fine dust              

       designated as the Category 1 carcinogen by WHO causes respiratory disease and eye problems as well as skin troubles.


  • Cause of various skin troubles

        If fine dust adheres to the skin and blocks pores, the skin is severely infected and skin circulation like sebum secretion is

        declined causing different skin troubles.


  • Irritant to sensitive baby skin with weak immune system

        Baby skin, in particular, with the weaker immune system than adults is vulnerable to an irritant contact dermatitis and an

        atopic disease.


Skin barrier destroyed by fine dust

Fine dust not only blocks pores but also has an adverse influence in every corner of the body through blood vessel


Ultrafine dust





Fine dust



Silent killer,

enemy of skin in daily life “Air contamination increases skin aging 3 times”


  • Facilitator of skin aging - Air contamination

    Skin exposed to UV rays protects the skin by secreting squalene from sebaceous glands. However, air contamination increases the exposure to UV rays 3 times higher decreasing the effect of squalene and facilitating aging of the skin.


  • Cause of urban aging - Fine dust

    Skin develops aging naturally over time. However, the hazardous air in the city which contains heavy metals, UV rays, abnormal high temperature, and irregular life style lower the elasticity of skin and create wrinkles and black spots, making you look older. This is the urban aging.


  • Hazardous substances in air

    The study result that shows that the pigmentation of the forehead and cheeks of the face exposed to car exhaust, smoke, or fine dust increased 20% more proves that skin aging is facilitated when the skin is exposed to various particles of hazardous substances in the air.

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