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“Skin care·Baby bath -

  It’s easy now.”     

However, there is science in the function.


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How to Use


DETOXSKIN aqua wash twice a day~


DETOXSKIN normalizes your damaged skin barrier.

Use and Managemen
  • Users

     Soak DETOXSKIN in water and gently massage on the face thoroughly.

  • Makeup

    Cleanse off makeup in the existing method, and finish gently with DETOXSKIN.

  • Newborn infants and children

    Gently massage with DETOXSKIN using water as the skin barrier function is weak.

  • Pimple and sensitive skin

    Gently massage with DETOXSKIN using water.

After use

Wash with DETOXSKIN,

Wash DETOXSKIN with soap or cleaner after use.


Because DETOXSKIN has the strong adhesive ability of hazardous materials, various toxic substances are stuck to DETOXSKIN after washing. There can be faster discoloration and biodegradation of DETOXSKIN if it is not cleaned well after use.


  • Lather, wash, and squeeze out the water after use, and keep it in a well- ventilated area.

  • Clean management of DETOXSKIN will extend the shelf life of the product.

  • Boil or sterilize in the sun 1~2 times a week. (Boil for 5 minutes in the water or sterilize for 2 minutes in the microwave. Make sure to have enough moisture content to sterilize in the microwave.)

  • Keep it in a sealed container in a freezer if not used for a long time.

Thorough water face washing

Massage as if drawing a circle

Bubble cleansing for makeup removal

Do not twist and squeeze after cleaning

Store in ventilated area during the usage

Daylight sterilization 

Store in refrigerator or freezer

Sterilize 1 time per week

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