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Aqua skin care-


Natural aqua facial wash

skin care solution 


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Strong adsorption ability

of hazardous substances.

DETOXSKIN is the only natural facial washing sponge with the strong adsorption ability of hazardous substances by the scientific ionic combination.

Material characteristics of the product


“ It becomes inflated and soft and moist when wet with water ”


  • Pure substance: 100% natural dietary fiber

  • Slight acidity: Restoration of skin barrier function

  • Absorption of hazardous substances

  • 3D net structure


No chemicals | No preservatives

Non-fluorescent brightening agent

Effects of the product


  • Normalization of skin barrier function

    Stimulation of skin immunity and metabolism by restoring the normal skin acidity(ph5.5)

  • Restoration of the balance between oil and moisture in the skin and improvement of skin texture

  • Vitalization of skin resident flora and removal of various germs like a mold

  • Anti-pollution: Absorptive removal of hazardous substances like fine dust and heavy metal

  • Improved skin blood circulation with massage

  • Removal of skin wastes like excessive dead skin cell and sebum

  • Pore tightening·sagging improvement for anti-aging

  • Normalization of sensitive skin

  • Alkalized skin enhancement like pimple, and extra dry skin

  • Blocking of dermal absorption of surfactant

  • Removal of skin wastes like excessive sebum

  • Prevention and improvement of skin troubles of a newborn baby like atopy

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