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DETOXSKIN Baby Skin Saver

for cleansing and a bath of your baby


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Package : 134 X 190 X 30mm / 35g

Detoxskin : DRY 760 X 760 X 23mm  WET 950 X 950 X 30mm

For soft

baby skin



“Characteristics of a Newborn Baby’s Skin” 


  • The skin barrier function is weak and the skin is thin.

  • The function of sweat glands is declined.

  • The adhesive strength between cells is weak.

  • The function of sebaceous glands is declined.

  • The melanocyte function is declined.

  • There is a high risk of bacterial infections by hazardous external environment.

What matters is

Skin Barrier Function~

  • Skin is made up of epidermis, skin, and subcutaneous tissue.

  • The skin barrier is located in the horny layer, the top layer of epidermis.

  • The dead skin cells not only keep moisture from evaporating from the inside of the skin but also prevent harmful viruses from breaking into from the outside.

  • Children with weak skin barriers are vulnerable to moisture loss and the attack of harmful viruses.

“Why, is the Newborn Baby’s Skin Sensitive?”


  • The skin thickness(horny layer, epidermis) is only 20% compared to


  • The high ratio of body surface area compared to the weight makes

    various harmful substances accumulate in the body through the skin.

  • The lack of thermoregulatory ability makes the skin surface lose

    moisture, which makes the skin gets dry and rough easily.

  • Because the skin protection barrier function of the baby keeps growing, it is developed gradually from 20 weeks of the prenatal period to 1year after birth.

  • Because a baby doesn’t have the perfect blood-brain barrier function that keeps chemicals from flowing into the brain to protect the brain until 6 months after birth, no chemicals should be used at least until 6 months old.

Baby bath,

It’s easy now.~

DETOXSKIN is a 100% natural sponge that adsorbs and removes harmful Substances with baby bath in water. It protects the baby skin with weak immune system safe from external hazardous environment..

"To prevent dry·itchy baby skin~"


Take a bath within 10 minutes-

Because the baby skin has the weak skin barrier function, Wash gently like a massage with DETOXSKIN in warm water for 5~10 minutes every day.

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